Participants wishing to be judged need to be lined up at the American Legion-Mackinder Glen Post 510 (near the corner of M106 and M-52) by 5:00pm when judging begins. All other entries must be ready at the Legion Hall at 5:30pm.

ROUTE: Begins at the American Legion Post heading north on Clinton Street to the High School.

WHO: Entries are limited only to your imagination. The only requirement is there are lights. Don’t have time to decorate a float or vehicle? Wear glow sticks and battery operated lights and your group or family can walk the route. We encourage everyone to participate no matter how big or small.

ENTRY DEADLINE: Please register by November 20th, 2018 so we can get an idea of how many entries we will have. Click here for the Registration form. It will also be available on the day of the parade for late entries.

PRIZES: SIX $100 Prizes will be presented! Entries will be judged in 6 categories: Best Equipment, Most Original, Most Creative, Most Detailed, Most Comical and Best Effort. Judges will be looking at originality of design, including lights, animation and/or sound and the effective and creative use of materials. In order to qualify for judging your entry must be at the Legion Hall by 5:00pm.

RESTRICTIONS: No Live Santa Claus characters. Santa Claus will be riding in the parade as the finale.


  • All Entries must use lights and be illuminated!
  • No throwing candy or other items from floats and vehicles. You may have people walking along the route handing out items.
  • Use caution and exercise proper safety precautions when using generators.
  • No open flames such as candles, oil lanterns and tiki torches, etc.
  • No use of sirens or horns.

Have questions? Contact Kristi Brewster – 517-480-7103
or stockbridgeareachamber@gmail.com

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