A Letter from the Editor of the Sun Times News

Dear Reader,

It is with regret that we reprint with permission the editorial below from the recent Sun Times News. Since the inception of the Stockbridge Community News nearly a year ago, Wendy Wood has consistently extended her support and generously shared her much-needed insights with our fledgling volunteer-run organization. She and her staff have deep roots in the local community, and we owe them a debt of gratitude for their service throughout the years. Their efforts have helped bind us together as a growing, caring community.

Thank you, Wendy Wood, and thank you to your staff. We wish you all the best.



Board of Directors, Stockbridge Community News:

President Patrice Johnson, Vice President Molly Howlett, Treasurer Judy Williams, Secretary Bev Glynn, Rose Collison, Roberta Ludtke, Diane Rockall, Hope Salyer, and Nancy Wisman.



Wendy Wood, Managing Editor, The Sun Times News

As the news industry experiences drastic changes in the way information is gathered, presented, and consumed—we here at the Sun Times have navigated these changes based on customer and client feedback. Our customers—readers and advertisers—have directed our course and helped us to become successful in promoting local businesses and organizations, share news, sports and human interest stories while keeping communities connected with issues important to them.

For those of us continuing with a printed product the challenge is the exploding popularity of online and social media articles, which generally express opinions rather than journalism. To remain successful we must continue to distribute free newspapers to the geographical locations that will best help our advertisers speak to their customers. By following the business model our reporters are able to provide relevant information to the community.

As a result, we will be making some changes in August.

With increasing requests for news and advertising opportunities in Washtenaw County, the Sun Times will be expanding its coverage in that area. In order to make that transition we will be reducing our mailing and reporting outside of our target area Washtenaw County.

This is a bittersweet decision. With our roots in Ingham County it was a difficult decision to let go. However, from the beginning struggle as this publication was facing insolvency—it was growth into new areas that allowed The Sun Times to become the largest weekly newspaper in Washtenaw County.

A young, up and coming publication “Stockbridge Community News” is committed to providing news and information for that area. They are off to a great start and we support them in their journey. Print news is a tough business in the Internet age—but with good listening, strong decision making, and dedication it is a rewarding way to connect communities.

We wish to thank all who have continued to support us and The Sun Times News.


Wendy Wood, Managing Editor

The Sun Times News

Established 2008


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