Duane (Buck) Glenn: Man of many memories


Duane (Buck) Glenn has spent his entire life in the Stockbridge area.

by Diane Rockall

Duane (Buck) Glenn has spent his entire life in the Stockbridge area. Born 92 years ago in his family’s home in Unadilla, he started school at age 4, because according to him he was causing too much trouble outside the school. He first attended Mavis and then Fulmer School and later Stockbridge Schools, graduating in the early ’40s.

His father, Ralph Emerson Glenn was born May 14, 1894 and graduated from Stockbridge High School in 1913. There were 18 students in his graduating class. 

Dad later became a Unadilla Township Supervisor,” Glenn said.

Glenn stills goes to work at Glenn-Brooke Realty every Monday through Friday from 9 to 11 a.m. and was happy to sit and discuss memories, local history and a little of the community’s future.

He recalled how Stockbridge was once the onion capital and how many farms have now disappeared. At one time when farmers retired, their sons took over running the farm and the retirees moved into town, he said. Among the local businesses were two jewelry stores, clothing stores,bakeries, meat markets and grocery stores.

He misses most the regular plays and musical entertainment at the Township Hall, also the days of nickel hot dogs as a special treat from Vin and Mrs. Owens shop.

Probably during the ‘30s, free movies were shown at Township Hall every Tuesday evening. Saturday night was shopping night, and everybody came to town.

While still in high school, he bought his first car with $42 he earned working on a combine. With it, he bought a 1923 Model T Coupe for $40 from Sara Howlett, the title was $1 and he spent his remaining $1 on gas. He believes that was around 1939 or 1940.

Mixed among Glenn’s wonderful memories is a concern for the community’s disappearing tax base as more businesses close or move away. He is a firm believer in shopping locally and would love to see the day come back when people once again know their neighbors.

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