Harvest Festival Comes to Town


Photo credit: Jennifer Hammerberg and Patrice Johnson, Directors, Stockbridge Area Educational Foundation (SAEF)

 A warm autumn breeze and heart-lifting live music filled the Town Square as friends and neighbors gathered over the weekend to celebrate the sixth annual Harvest Festival, sponsored by the Village of Stockbridge in concert with Gregory, Munith, Bunkerhill, Fitchburg and Unadilla.

In full swing Friday afternoon and Sunday, booths loaded with handmade crafts, business offerings, farm produce and public services were on hand for all to browse. A wheeled Hit and Miss engine stood on display on the southeast corner in front of the old Baptist church. Hit and Miss engines provided the agricultural industry with much-needed access to mobile power prior to the invention of the electric motor.


Mike and Heather Douglass provide their 5-horsepower Economy Hit and Miss engine, circa 1911

Late Friday afternoon a parade of locally-owned antique tractors roared and putt-putted around the square in apt celebration of the festival’s theme, “The Fruits and Labor of Our Community.”

Local farmers and aficionados–members of the antique tractor club, the Heart of Michigan–showcased red, green, yellow and orange engineering marvels from days gone by. More than fifteen meticulously restored farm vehicles bore manufacturers’ brands that included Allis Chalmers, John Deere, Black Hawk and International Harvester, to name a few.


Doug Mills atop a John Deere


Under a grandchild’s supervision, John Taylor negotiates his antique Allis Chalmers.


Doug Sommers makes room on his mighty John Deere for three happy grandkids.


Thank you sponsors Downtown Development Authority, Main Street Printing, Granger, Gordie’s Power, Caskey-Mitchell Funeral Home, Risner Excavating, Taylor Farms, Watters’ Farms,  and Glenn-Brooke Realty


Kathleen Mullins and grand daughter.


Laura and Kim Morehouse find a way to transport and contain busy grandchildren.


Jackie Scheller takes a breather from real estate sales and lending a helping hand to her latest acquisition, the building at Backstreet Restaurant and Bar.


Township Supervisor Paul Risner and Lucinda Reames.


The Neuhauses come out for an afternoon of festival fun with their grandchildren.


Emily Stewart and Jim Johnson discuss the many ways that SRSLY helps prevent youth drug abuse through early intervention.

img_0261 img_0314



Dorene White takes in the scene.



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  • Amy Tomlin says:

    Very nice to take a stroll down memory lane and recognizing old friends and new grandchildren.
    Stockbridge is a great community
    So nice to have this website

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