New agriculture class intrigues students

Published in Uncaged, September 2021

by Maggie Maxwell, Uncaged reporter

The new agriculture class taught by Timothy Salow is attracting the attention of those with a green thumb. Agriculutre, meaning a practice involving farming, tending to animals, and such related matters, is important in our community.

“I decided to teach agriculture for two reasons,” Salow said. “First, I love agriculture myself. It is what I find to be so enjoyable that I do it as a hobby slash business for myself. And so, this would be an opportunity to unite both what I love out of school and what I love in school, which is teaching.”

There was a lot of community demand from not only the students but also their parents wanting them to have this knowledge.

As much as the student population live in a largely farm-populated community, the class can be important and informative to many, as well as simply fun. Many people live on a farm, including 11th grade student Nathan Pidd.

“I relate to the agriculture class because of my family farm and wanting to learn more about th class.”

There are many people that are in the class that has families that work on a family owned farm. Senior Grace

Dreier said, “My dad is a farmer, and I thought it would be nice to learn what he does and how to help him do it.”

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Kara Brown, a senior who has joined agriculture, poses in an apple tree. It is part of a cluster of trees on school property that agriculture cares for. Photo credit Maggie Maxwell