Stockbridge Area Garden Club

Andrea Stickney, Sue Lindemer, Connie Risner, Debbie Shellenbarger, Nancy Macaluso, Patrice Johnson, Terry Sommer, Nancy Ocwieja, Karen Lunsford, Roberta Ludtke, Mary Wilson, Susan Daily, Judy Williams and Julia Neuhaus

Jean Bliss, Susan Daily and Nancy Macaluso assemble a border to better contain mulch at the base of the statue.

by Judy Williams

Monday, May 22, the Stockbridge Area Garden Club gathered once again, with spades and gardening forks in hand, to make the township square even more beautiful for this summer’s events. The group cleaned the flower bed beneath the statue, removed weeds and planted pallets of sweet potato vines, petunias and dianthus that are sure to create a colorful splash all summer long.

Connie Risner, Nancy Ocwieja, Debbie Shellenbarger and Karen Lunsford haul pallets and layout red, wave petunias.

Mary Wilson, Andrea Stickney, Nancy Macaluso, Susan Daily and Patrice Johnson apply finishing touches before installing the new border.

Nancy Ocwieja, Debbie Shellenbarger, Karen Lunsford, Nancy Wisman and Julia Neuhaus consider spacing between dianthus and fill in gaps.

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