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Stockbridge Community Schools Continues to Improve and Enhance School Safety Initiatives

by Karl Heidrich

As part of our continuing effort to enhance school safety at Stockbridge Community Schools, we are in the process of implementing a part-time School Resource Officer. We are currently teaming up with Stockbridge Village Police to have an officer in the Junior/Senior High on a part-time basis to assist with coordination of emergency drills, enhance school safety initiatives with students, educate students regarding positive choices, and maintain police visibility in our school district. Our officer has undergone school resource training to work within public schools, and we are expecting to begin the program by December 1, 2017.

All secured entrances are fully functional at the Junior/Senior High, Heritage, and Smith Elementary. To gain access to a building after school begins in the morning or before school ends in the afternoon, entrants will need to be buzzed in. All doors will be locked during the school day. A buzzer system and site recognition camera are located at the entrance of each building. Simply press the buzzer, face the camera for recognition, and a member of the office staff will come on the PA to unlock the door for you. You will then be allowed to enter the building through the office door.

A buzzer system and site recognition camera are located at the entrance of each building.

A new security camera system has also been implemented across our school district. We now have the ability to view clear video of hallways, parking lots, and entrances. Please call central office at (517) 851-7188 if you have any questions or concerns regarding school safety initiatives. Thank you for your continued support and feedback.

Karl Heidrich is superintendent of Stockbridge Community Schools.



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