Stockbridge Dollar General: Remodeled and open for business

by Mary Jo David

The Dollar General store located at 4593 S. M52, in Stockbridge, Mich., was closed during the week of July 19, 2020, to accommodate the store’s remodeling. It reopened on Thursday, July 23. The store renovations have doubled the cooler space and enabled the store to expand its offerings, including a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Lisa Rocca, manager at the Stockbridge Dollar General, looked forward to this remodel opportunity. It was originally planned for May but was postponed due to the coronavirus. Some of her customers have been nervous about having to leave the local area to shop during the pandemic. Dollar General’s new product offerings, including produce, should help to reduce customer dependency on large grocery stores.

Lisa Rocca, store manager at the Stockbridge Dollar General, shows off the expanded cooler space and shelving that resulting from the remodel. The newspaper’s print deadline necessitates that readers use their imagination to fill in the shelves! Photo credit: Patrice Johnson

Dollar General in Stockbridge pulled off a marathon four-day renovation during the week of July 19. Photo credit: Patrice Johnson


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