Stockbridge Police Blotter for the Week

By Johnnie Torres, Chief of Police

Stockbridge Police responded to the following complaints this week:

2/20/17, 1:50 pm: Assist Ingham Co. Sheriff’s Department in the 3500 block of Parman Rd. on a 911 hang-up call. Stockbridge Police Department (SPD) responded to the scene and then observed the resident on the way. Contact was made with the resident who advised that his son had feloniously assaulted his daughter with a long gun. Police personnel responded to the scene and surrounded the house. Contact by phone was made inside the home and the safe removal of several subjects was negotiated by police. The possible accused refused to come outside but was eventually persuaded to come outside on his own. Upon conducting interviews, a crime could not be established and no weapon was found inside the home.

2/22/17, 9:50 pm: Trespassing complaint in the 300 block of W. Main St. SPD was requested to serve “No Trespassing” notices to two Stockbridge men who were reportedly causing disturbances on the property.

2/24/17, 9 pm: Family disturbance in the 800 block of S. Clinton. SPD was dispatched after an 11 yr old called 911 to report she was being assaulted by her older cousin because she did not clean her room. Contact was made inside the home and all parties were identified. The mother of the child was called after it was determined that no assault or neglect was occurring. The child was taken to another location by her aunt. No crime.

2/25/17, 5:15 pm: Traffic stop for a subject driving while license suspended near S. M-52/Clinton. SPD made contact with the driver, 56-yr-old Stockbridge man, and it was discovered that he had multiple suspensions of his license previously. He was released pending a warrant. The vehicle was parked and turned over to a valid driver.

6:30 pm: Traffic stop on Clinton and Elizabeth for expired plates. SPD made contact with the driver, a 32-yr-old Williamston man and discovered he was driving on a suspended license. He was cited and released pending a warrant.

7:30 pm: Suspicious activity in the 100 block of N. Center St. SPD made contact with the complainant who advised that subjects were moving items out of the premises in violation of a lease/contract. All parties were identified and the renter, who was in the process of being evicted, claimed the property belonged to her. The owner of the property was notified also. It was determined to be a civil matter at this time.

2/26/17, 9 pm: Check the welfare of an elderly woman in the 200 block of N. Center St. SPD found the woman fine and her relative was contacted and came to be with her.


Johnnie W. Torres, Jr.
Chief of Police
Stockbridge Police Department
305 W. Elizabeth St.
P.O. Box 155
Stockbridge, MI 49285
517-772-5970 fax

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