Student of the Month: Junior Olivia Fletcher staying optimistic 

by Cindy Lance

High school junior Olivia Fletcher, daughter of Andrew and Courtney and older sister to freshman Lucas, has attended Stockbridge Community Schools her entire academic career.

She is a member of National Honor Society (NHS) and participates in band; recently as part of a class to learn the bass guitar.

“Olivia is always willing to give new or difficult tasks a try and she encourages her peers to be optimistic about the outcome,” said Patty Pniewski, Stockbridge Community Schools band teacher.

While band, history and English are at the top of her favorite subjects, Olivia hopes to become a juvenile therapist.  She aspires to “write her own book(s) while still focusing on the children in my community; helping as many juveniles as I possibly can.”

Olivia loves the tight-knit camaraderie in Stockbridge, which was so wonderfully displayed in the wave of worried and empathy-filled messages received when she almost wrecked her car one icy morning.  The small-community atmosphere allowed for word to spread quickly.

In addition to the small hometown, several individuals have positively influenced Olivia as she prepares to enter her final year of high school.

She credits “Grace Dreier with influencing her choices and academics, Xyan Torrey, who is funny, smart and a great listener (sometimes) as one of the most reliable friends, and Zachary Stanford, who has taught me so much throughout my schooling.”

A saying that Olivia keeps in mind is “If you can look down, then you’ve got more room to fall.”

“This lyric means the most to me because of all the good I’ve gotten recently. I was in a pretty bad place a few years ago, and thought I had nothing left.  I eventually found this song and learned that I, too, have room to fall,” Olivia said.

Olivia enjoys painting, writing books and playing D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) both as dungeon master and player, and cosplay.

“This year has been…eventful,” Olivia said. “I have been trying my hardest to keep my head up and lift others, too! Everyone should try their hardest to be good people and maybe we would have a better world overall!”

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