Thank you note on Child ID Program

Good Morning everyone.

On behalf of everyone  from Stockbridge Lodge #130F & AM,  thanks to  the volunteer Masons, their spouses and/or significant others and all the other who helped make the June 16, 2018 Child Identification Program in Stockbridge, MI a huge success. Special thanks  to Becky Muraf who made the event happen, getting volunteers, sending out all the advertisements, flyers and contacting the local newspapers  Becky, please pass this on to your volunteers.

Thanks also to brothers Chris Takas and Joseph Lindsay and the Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation for furnishing everything we needed to put the event on at no cost to anyone in the community. Joe  delivered the supplies, set up  computers and provided training for volunteers prior to the event starting.

We had volunteers at both entrances all day,  handing out paperwork and getting the weight, height, and other information of the children ready for those operating the computers.  Volunteers kept the recorded paperwork in order and  packets available for the computer operators. Support personnel were available.  26 volunteers completed 119 Child ID packets in 6 hours. Everyone did a great job and seemed to be having a good time, even the kids, which are a blessing to be around.

Next years event is scheduled  to take place  during the 2019 Day in the Village. Mason’s that could not help this year, mark your calendars for next years event.

If anyone wishes to contribute to the Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation to help support the Child ID Program please contact me and I will furnish you with the Michigan Child ID Program Sponsorship Opportunities and Benefits Information.

Once again we thanks to all for making this event a success.  Ronald L. Miller PM/LM – 2018 Child ID Coordinator

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