This I Believe by Brooklyn Baker

Hope Blooms From Within

I believe in hope for many reasons. Hope is what pushes you through a tough time. I have been through tough times. Right now it’s my dad and I living in a trailer, with no money and no vehicle. Our only mode of transportation just wouldn’t stop breaking down. Since the beginning of November our truck has been broken down, and sometimes we use other people’s cars, but you just can’t rely on other people’s vehicles. But what I can rely on is hope. Every night I hope that the following day will be better. I hope that we will be able to drive to get groceries when ever we please. 

This Christmas was the roughest we have ever had. I remember one time I was wondering what to get for my nephew Nash. I asked my dad what we should get him, and he told me probably nothing. I was so confused, and he knew it. He told me what little money we did have was going to me for Christmas. Of course, I declined it. I told him straight up that I don’t need anything. On Christmas Eve, even though I knew I wouldn’t get anything, I was still disappointed to say the least. But I have hope that next Christmas will be better, and that one day we won’t have to struggle constantly. 

Other than financially, medically, we have been struggling. My dad has had appointments after appointments with various doctors for various reasons, and I can’t even keep up anymore. But since we have no vehicle, my dad has had to cancel all of his procedures. Since May, I have had pain in both of my knees, and there is literally nothing I can do about it if we have no transportation. I can barely walk sometimes. So the X-rays to look at why my knees feel like they are being stabbed, are nowhere near. And it means I don’t get the new hearing aids I was supposed to get since October. But I am as hopeful as ever that something will change. I have hope that my dad’s health will get better, and I have hope that my knees will stop hurting. 

I have hope that we will somehow make it through this without any money, and that we will get a vehicle that actually works. I have hope that next Christmas will be better, and I have hope that my dad and I will get better. And finally, I hope that we can power through these hard times. 

It can be so difficult to remain hopeful, when you have no reason to, or no one to support you, but you have to realize that hope starts with you. Hope blooms from within. When you’re about to lose hope because nothing is going your way, and you can’t possibly see an end to this, you have to remain strong. I have hope inside of me, but it’s up to me to find it, grab it, and never let it go. 

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