122nd Annual SHS Alumni Association Banquet pulls off another hit


Alumni from the Class of 1968 gather to celebrate 50 years after graduating from SHS. Front row L-R: Darlene Meyer, Cynthia Delong Sommer, Jeannette Risner Everett, Carolyn Lathrop Wallenwine, Jill Owen Bailey2nd row: Terry Greenamyer Sommer, Brian Boyce, Linda Steffey Smith, Terry Krummrey, Dorothy J. Harris. Back rows: Lori Price IngrahamPaul Lehman, Barbara Daugherty Weitlauf, Wanda Cole Moeckel, Sandra Nott AllredPatricia Bradley Smith, Deborah Glenn Marshall, Linda Topping Hanson, Rebecca Howlett Schmidt, James Hanson, Jack Marshall (behind Jim Hanson). Photo credit Patrice Johnson 

by Patrice Johnson

Saturday, June 9 felt drab and drizzly outside, but the halls of Heritage Elementary rang with warm greetings and hugs as former SHS students streamed into the 122nd Annual SHS Alumni Association Banquet.

Brian Boyce, class of ’68, led off the event. Photo credit: Patrice Johnson.

Brian Boyce, class of ’68, led off the event with a welcome to all. “I was talking with a fellow 50-year alumni, and she told me she was pleased she could still fit into some of the same things she wore in school.” He grinned. “She said her earrings fit just the same.”

After the Pledge of Allegiance, master of ceremonies Brian Boyce delivered the invocation and a delicious dinner followed. Boyce also performed the Roll Call of Classes.

All hearts ached with Terry Greenamyer Sommer’s remembrance of 13 deceased classmates. Linda Stephens had written a ’67 tribute to the class of ’68, and since she was unable to attend, Sommer read it.  The touching tribute welcomed the class to the “SHS Medicare Club” and reminded the classmates of how quickly they had to grow up with the assassinations of Martin Luther King and President John Kennedy and the Vietnam war. It challenged all to “Keep the spirit of youth active, to stay joyous, and to accept new challenges, because growing old is not for weenies.”

Attendees then joined to sing Auld Lang Syne with Roberta Barber Sweet in accompaniment.

Other activities the class of ’68 during their 3-day celebration included a
golf outing, tour of their alma mater, celebration party, and a picnic.

The 2018 Alumni Committee had pulled off another memorable event. Kudos to members Mary Joan McArthur ’52, Ruth McArthur Bessey ’54, Chita Moeckel Kunzelman ’65, Sue Biehn Wireman ’66, Brian Boyce ’68, Patricia Kishpaugh Kelley ’68, Deborah Glenn Marshall ’68, and Terry Greenamyer Sommer ’68.

Class of ’58 table, L near to far: Jean Fizer Hawley, Jeannie Graham, John Taylor, Ruth Taylor ‘61. R: Kathy Withrow, Bill Withrow, Dan Dixon and Valerie Dixon (spouse). Photo credit: Patrice Johnson

Table of 1958, L near to far: Connie Valenti, Richard Ludtke, Barb Ludtke. R near to far: Jerome Valenti, Richard Sober, Judy Heeney, Tom Heeney. Photo credit: Patrice Johnson

Class of 1958 table: L near to far: Neta Mills, Sharon Lynch, and Tony Lynch. R near to far: Larry Lotridge, Sharon Lotridge, Carol Lee, Frank S. Lee. Photo credit: Patrice Johnson

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