About Us


Who We Are

The Stockbridge Community News is a Michigan nonprofit organization, IRS-licensed to operate as a nonprofit 501(c)(4) organization (# C4-4001565). An unpaid, volunteer board of directors oversees all our operations. Our print and online newsletter are free to all members of the community and available to the general public. Proceeds beyond one year’s operating expenses will be donated to a 501(c)(3) charity or equivalent of the Board’s choice.

Our Mission

   To promote the common good and general welfare of residents in the local Stockbridge, Munith, Gregory, Pleasant Lake and Fitchburg community through the collection and dissemination of local educational news and social-benefit information. 

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the Stockbridge Community News, a non-profit public service for the greater Stockbridge area.

Access to quality, consistent information is the glue that binds a community together. The unpaid volunteers on the Board of Directors, along with the assistance of many hands, is pleased to provide up-to-date local educational news and information.

You may assist in many ways. For example, the News is working to create a plump “Community Calendar,” so please send dates, times and locations of upcoming events. Perhaps you attended a rousing soccer game and have pictures of your goalie daughter blocking an opponent’s kick? A church potluck coming up? Someone you know receive a notable award or recognition? Email information or articles (photos welcome) to Hope Salyer, Director of Community Relations at stockbridgecommunitynews@gmail.com. Our print editions rely on advertising and sponsorships to cover our printing and postage costs.

We hope you enjoy this website and our print editions. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right, what we can do to improve and offer content suggestions.


The Stockbridge Community News Board of Directors:

Patrice Johnson, President; Molly Howlett, Vice President; Judy Williams, Treasurer;  Bev Glynn, Secretary, and Rose Collison, Diane Rockall, Roberta Ludtke, Hope Salyer, and Nancy Wisman.

Name Roles and Responsibilities
Patrice Johnson, President Editor-in-Chief
Molly Howlett, Vice President Local government, nonprofit liaison and school news
Judy Williams, Treasurer Financial Manager and story wrangler
Bev Glynn, Secretary Boy and Girl Scout reporting. Gregory.
Hope Salyer Web and newsprint design and reporting
Roberta Ludtke Sales and public relations
Rose Collison  Photography
Diane Rockall Historian: “A Look Back in Time,” Death Notices and Obituaries
Nancy Wisman Operations and assistant editor
Adjunct Directors
Rachel Sweet Community Calendar
Debbie Nogle Business Development
Nathan Myers  Intern



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