The Rough & Readys of Stockbridge

by Amy Haggerty

Wes Perry worked for two years researching the idea of an historically accurate baseball team to exemplify the Civil War era. Now Saturday, June 2, at 1:00 p.m his vision is set to become a reality. The local Rough & Ready team will launch its first season at the Gregory Field, playing the Chelsea Monitors. Perry will serve as team captain.

Come to find out, back to 1867, the Stockbridge area had a such a team. 

The Rough & Readys of Stockbridge play without baseball gloves and use wooden bats, hard balls, 90-feet bases and underhand pitching. They wear a red shirt with a Civil War blue vest. These uniforms are all hand made, and took weeks to make. 

Perry said, “It’s not just a baseball game, it’s more like a play.” They dress the part and have strict rules, no sliding, spitting or foul language. It’s a total gentleman’s game of batting and fielding. 

Perry invites people in the community to come out and support the team. His goal is to have 200 spectators to watch the games.

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