5 Healthy Towns: One Big Connection

One Big Connection (OBC) is the official platform of the One Big Thing Initiative, a collaborative effort to enhance connections, optimism, resiliency and engagement in the 5 Healthy Towns region.

We know that mental health is of the utmost importance. You can expect our OBC action teams to provide information, opportunities, and resources that suit your needs.

Our resource directory highlights services on a variety of topics including health and safety services, mental health, social support and much more. If you’re a qualifying provider, you can add a Listing.

One Big Connection is generously provided to our community through funding from the 5 Healthy Towns Wellness Coalitions, and content is provided by 5 Healthy Towns Foundation, 5 Healthy Towns Wellness Coalitions, Michigan Medicine, St. Joseph Mercy – Chelsea, Washtenaw County Community Mental Health and many different partners and work groups.

Action Teams are places for people to come together, post information, and solve local challenges. Welcome our latest team, The One Big Thing Stewardship Council.

Find support near you today: onebigconnection.org