A Community Prepares to Give Thanks Together

by Mary Jo David

Now into its 28th year*, the Stockbridge Community Thanksgiving Dinner crew keeps on keepin’ on! Thank you to Erin Smith (volunteer coordinator) and her volunteer staff of over 100 caring Stockbridge area folks who made it happen—again! Here you’ll see photos from Thanksgiving morning as volunteers work at setting up for the crowd that will be enjoying either dine-in or carryout Thanksgiving dinners.

These photos represent just a handful of the volunteers. There were many more of them, including those behind the scene, who provided turkeys, the fixins, and monetary donations—not to mention the group of Boy Scouts who showed up, spur of the moment, the day before the event to assist with food preparation and setting up tables and chairs in the Heritage “Dining Room.”

According to Smith, “This year, almost everything you see was the result of donations. I only had to use about $500 from our fund,” which, if you do the math, is good considering Smith estimates they will feed over 500 people on this 2022 Thanksgiving Day.

Thank you to ALL the volunteers and donors who helped create another wonderful Stockbridge Community Thanksgiving Dinner together!

*Twenty-eight years, not counting 2020 when the Stockbridge Community Thanksgiving dinner had to be canceled due to the COVID pandemic.

Photos by Mary Jo David and Joan Tucker

Erin Smith has been involved in the Community Thanksgiving Dinner for many years and is now in her fourth year of coordinating this feast.


Emily Lindstrom, left, Bailey Bartrum, and Mr. and Mrs. Gobble ensure that every volunteer arriving to help out on Thanksgiving Day is greeted with a smile and a nametag.

Mark and Erin Chadwick are greeted at the Volunteer check-in table.


Heritage School’s cafeteria was decked out for the Thanksgiving feast.



Serving tables are ready to open for business.



Lovely Thanksgiving centerpieces added to the ambience of the community dining experience



Turkeys have all been carved and trays are stored in warming ovens waiting to be plated.



Shelves and shelves of pies in back, waiting to make their debut on the buffet tables.



The dessert tables are adorned with more lovely centerpieces.



Left to right: Bennett, Hazel, and Phil Lentz help to “roll” out this community dinner. Says Bennett, “We did this last year too; it is really cool to volunteer.”



Glenn and Beth Buckmaster enjoy doing their part at the Take Out table, and like many of the volunteers, this is not the first time they’ve helped out with this Community dinner effort,

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