BE FIT: 8-week fall session begins September 17

The Be Fit Program is going into its 4th year at the Stockbridge Wellness Center. This is a free program that allows the Stockbridge students to participate in physical activity outside of school.

During the 8 week session, the participants receive full access to use the Stockbridge Wellness Center. They are given an assessment and an orientation at the beginning of the program. On Tuesdays and Thursdays they are encouraged to attend the group exercise class at 3:30 pm each week. Stockbridge’s Personal Trainer, Evan Fletcher, has the participants go through a group workout to get them moving safely and effectively for the full hour. Each workout is designed to give the students a total body workout that was created with everyone’s ability in mind.

At end of the 8 weeks, each participant completes a post assessment to see how they did over the past 8 weeks and they receive a prize as well.

Be Fit sessions are held in the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.

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