Community Resource Guide Update

For the past several months we have been sharing new information about some of the organizations listed in the Community Resource Guide published with the print edition of the January Stockbridge Community News.  The new Guide will also be available on the website at that time. If your organization should be included, but has not been please let us know at Those already listed are being contacted to update or correct their information.  If you have not yet been contacted or you have not yet responded please do so at once to the same address.  The purpose of this Guide is to let residents within the Stockbridge Community School District know about groups that may might like to help or perhaps be helped by. This will be the third annual Community Resource Guide.

SKY Theater is a performing arts groups that gives area youth an opportunity to learn theater skills and perform plays at the Stockbridge Township Hall.  It is available for children 6 to 18 years old. Eventually adults will be added to the group. Adults are currently welcomed to help with productions. SKY stands for Stockbridge Kids & Youth.  SKY Theater produces a show every fall and spring along with several summer shows at area libraries and festivals. SKY was started by Jeff Boyer in September 2014. They had two productions (Charlotte’s Web and Schoolhouse Rock Live). It was halted in 2015 because the founder was unable to devote time to building the group.  Huge encouragement and demand from many community members encouraged Boyer to revive the SKY Theater in the summer of 2019 by registering as a nonprofit and building a board of officers and members.  SKY produced the SKY Theater Variety Show in November 2019 to showcase the talents of area youth.  It was a show filled with comedy sketches, musical pieces and zany antics. You can find SKY Theater on Facebook. Plans are currently underway to perform School House Rock Live in March 2020. For more information, email

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