Donald Trump supporters urge you to vote on the November 3rd Election

Save America

We are at the tipping point of losing our country & freedom forever. The political party that has controlled our cities for decades is now letting them burn and is positioning to take over the country. They must be stopped.

Trump policies:

  • Best economy in US history
  • Closing the income gap
  • Stands up to our enemies
  • Bringing soldiers home
  • Fast, safe, public-private COVID-19 response

According to the Wall Street Journal*:

  • Median household income grew 6.8% in 2019—largest annual increase on record.
  • Wages for workers grew at fastest rate in 20 yrs. (
  • Poverty rate declined to lowest level in 60 yrs.

—Declined more for blacks, Hispanics, Asians, single mothers, people with disability, and no high-school diploma. Black and Hispanic poverty rates reached lowest in history.

Childhood poverty last year declined nearly twice as much as during the entire Obama/Biden presidency.

Vote for Donald Trump

*Source: 2020 Census data, “The Higher Wages of Growth,” Wall Street Journal editorial board, Sept. 17, 2020

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