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Start the school year with habits for success

If ever there was a year for a new beginning, this is it. As we begin the new school year, we need to take a look at how we spend your time.

If returning to school has been a challenge and you find yourself struggling to get everything done, you may want to re-evaluate your habits. During the last 17 months we have created new habits, some of them good and some not so good.

I encourage you to look at your preparation for the things that are important to you and evaluate if your habits are consistent with your desired outcomes. Preparation and planning will put you in a position to be successful.

Getting enough sleep is key in being ready to be an active participant. It also allows you to have a positive attitude and will help as you interact with others. Setting a time to go to sleep and to wake up is a good starting point in ensuring you are getting enough rest.

Individuals who are hungry or undernourished tend to perform at a lower level. Creating consistent mealtimes that are focused around nutritious food will assist in being ready for your desired activities. Staying hydrated goes right along with good eating habits. Consider a water bottle to ensure that you are getting enough water.

Exercise is another good habit that will help with the transition into the busy school year.  You may ask yourself, “If I am already busy, how can I add exercise to my schedule?”  Prioritize the habits listed above first and then add the other priorities to your schedule.  To keep habits intact, consider reducing time when needed as opposed to eliminating the behavior.

This forward-thinking approach will allow you to be ready for the next day, next week, and so on. It seems like limited time is a major issue for most of us. Take a look at your schedule and list two or three things that you could either eliminate or reduce to allow time for the things that you prioritize. This involves replacing a current habit with a better habit. If you actively work at being explicit with your planning and behaviors, you will see change that is consistent with your goals.

Brian Friddle
Superintendent of Schools

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