Grace Hall Crowned Stockbridge 2020 Homecoming Queen

Stockbridge High School tried to put things back to normal for one night by holding the 2020 Homecoming Ceremony at Boyd Stadium Wednesday night.

Restrictions on the amount of spectators at a sports contest set by the MHSAA would not allow Homecoming festivities to take place during the Friday night football game, so Stockbridge went forward with the ceremony anyway.

The Stockbridge marching band took the field for the first time this season for a pre-ceremony concert before the 2020 Homecoming Court was announced.

Queens were escorted by their dads or moms this year as opposed to the usual student escort.

After all the 2020 queens were introduced, Grace Hall was named the 2020 Homecoming Queen.

Grace Hall crowned the 2020 Homecoming Queen by her father Bubba Hall

The 2020 Homecoming Court

Freshman Queen Gracee Robidou and Escort Jacob Robidou

Sophomore Queen Makayla Surline and her Escort Tom Surline

Junior Queen Merle Wilson and her Escort David Wilson

Senior Queen Kaylee Angell and her Escort Kelly Angell

Senior Queen Chelsey Asquith and her Escort Roy Asquith

Senior Queen Kaylee Dalton and her Escort Mike Dalton

Senior Queen Grace Hall and her Escort Bubba Hall

Senior Queen Lily Humrich and her Escort Jeff Humrich

Senior Queen Kaitlin Miller and her Escort Chris Miller

Senior Queen Molly Nichols and her Escort Josh Nichols

Senior Queen Dylan Powers and her Escort Brandon Marshall

Senior Queen Emma Somervell and her Escort Brandy Thompson

2020 Homecoming Court. Photo provided by Dawn Miller

2020 Senior Queens and Escorts. Photo provided by Dawn Miller

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