Police Blotter from Police Chief Johnnie Torres Jr.

Stockbridge Police responded to the following complaints this week:

9/6/18, 5:20pm:  Landlord/tenant complaint in the 100 block of E. Elm St.  A Stockbridge woman came into the Police Department and reported that her landlord entered without her permission.  Landlord advised Stockbridge police that she was concerned for the renter’s welfare as she has not seen her lately and she also owed her rent.  Charges possible in this case.

    9:45 pm:  Traffic stop at 52/106 for defective equipment.  Upon contact with the driver, a 38-yr-old Corunna woman, it was discovered that she did not have a valid license and she had a warrant for her arrest out of Livonia and Ingham Co. for failure to pay traffic fines.  She was cited and released after posting bond on the warrant.

9/8/18, 7:15 pm:  Traffic stop at 52/106 for failure to signal.  Upon contact with the driver, a 51-yr-old Stockbridge man, it was discovered that he did not have a valid Michigan license.  He was cited and released pending a warrant.  The vehicle was turned over to a valid driver.

9/9/18, 12 pm:  Domestic disturbance in the 400 block of E. Main St. Stockbridge police were called to the residence to mediate between a mother and her teenage daughter.  No crime occurred.  

9/10/18, 7:20 am:  Traffic crash at E. Main and Maple.  No injuries reported; minor damage.

9/13/15, 1:15 pm:  Drugs complaint in the 400 block of N. Clinton St.  Police responded and learned that a juvenile was allegedly attempting to sell fake drugs which was believed to be soap.  This is under investigation and criminal charges may be sought.

9/14/18, 12 pm:  Sudden death complaint in the 200 block of N. Clinton.

9/16/18, 12:37 pm:  Alarm in the 100 block of W. Main St. Police responded and found the building secure.  Owner was notified.

9/17/18, 12 am:  Car/deer crash in the 900 block of S. Clinton.  

9/19/18, 2:50 pm:  Suspicious subjects in the 4500 block of S. M-52.  Police were notified of four subjects who were in the business and acting suspiciously and possibly shoplifting.  The subjects were later identified and advised not to come back to the store per management.  No crime discovered. 

      9 pm:  Assisted Ingham Co. Sheriff’s  Dept. with a possible suicidal subject in the 4000 Freiermuth.  

9/20/18, 9: pm:  Assisted Ingham Co. Sheriff Dept. with a possible domestic disturbance in the 4200 block of Chapman Rd. Police responded and found it was only arguing between a woman and her adult son.

9/21/18, 9 pm:  Larceny of a picnic table in the 200 block of S. Water St.  This is under investigation.

9/22/18, 6 pm:  Illegal dumping complaint in the 800 bl0ck of S. Clinton. Stockbridge police responded to find someone dumped a deer carcass in the dumpsters.  If anyone has information about this they are asked to contact police at 517-851-7517.

       7:30 pm:  Assist SAESA in the 5400 block of Shepper for an elderly woman choking on food.  Police responded and found the person breathing on her own upon arrival.

9/24/18, 8:30 am:  Suspicious situation in the 400 block of Wood St.  A resident found a screwdriver in the yard near the home and believed it was possibly a prowler or someone attempting to commit a crime.  Unfounded at this time.

9/27/18, 12 pm:  Private property crash in the 4500 block of S. M-52.  Minor damage; no injuries reported.

               10 am:  Disorderly conduct complaint in the 4900 block of Bird Dr.  The suspect was gone upon arrival but later identified.  He was later served a criminal trespass letter.

9/29/18, 3:30 pm:  Assist Ingham Co. Sheriff Dept. with a check welfare complaint in the 2500 block of Brogan Rd.  Police were advised by the wife of an 89-yr-old Stockbridge man who has dementia that he had left his residence in his vehicle in an unknown direction headed towards Stockbridge.  Police spotted the vehicle near Kinsey and Brogan Rd. and got the man to stop.  His wife was called and she came to get him. 








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