Police Blotter from Police Chief Johnnie W. Torres Jr.

Stockbridge Police responded to the following complaints recently:

9/29/18, 10 pm:  Unwanted subject in the 400 block of W. Main St.  Stockbridge police were called to remove a subject from the home who was no longer welcome. 

10/2/18, 4:50 pm:  Hit and Run complaint in the 100 block of N. Clinton.  Police were  called to a crash scene where a subject backed into a parked vehicle and then left the scene. The police later found the car in the area parked and unattended.  They was in the process of towing the vehicle when the owner, a 28-yr-old Stockbridge woman, came and admitted to being the driver.  However, Stockbridge police  had already obtained good witness information to the contrary and a male driver as being sought.  Upon further investigations, the male subject came  back to the scene and made a confession.  Matthew May (25) of Jackson was arrested on a contempt-of-court warrant out of Jackson and cited for leaving the scene of an accident and driving on a suspended license.

10/3/18, 7 am:  Larceny complaint in the 200 block of S. Williams.  Police responded to a complaint of larceny of medications.  No suspects in the case.  A referral to adult protective services was made.

               12 pm:  Drugs complaint in the 200 block of Mills Ave.  Stockbridge police were called in reference to possible drug activity inside a vacant residence.  An inspection was conducted by law enforcement and only paraphernalia was found. 

10/5/18, 4 pm:  Private property crash in the 4500 block of S. M-52.  No injuries reported.  

10/8/18, 4:15 pm:  Child neglect complaint in the 100 block of Price St.  Police were called when a 7-yr-old child was not picked up from school.  The parent arrived soon after the Police and took the child into custody.  Child Protective Services referral made.

10/9/18, 11:35 pm:  Dog bite complaint in the 100 block of S. Center St.  Police arrived to find a very bloody subject being treated by (Stockbridge Area Emergency Services Agency) SAESA.  The subjects were uncooperative and would not provide a name.  The scene was determined to be in Bunker Hill Township.  Ingham County was notified.  The subject as transported to an area hospital.

10/10/18, 7:45 pm:  Burglary complaint in the 200 block of West.  Police were called in reference to a bicycle that was stolen from a garage.  The bike was later found heavily damaged.  This is under investigation.

10/11/18, 4 pm:  Hold-up alarm in the 100 block of W. Main St.  Unfounded.  

                8:55 pm:  Assist SAESA with a medical call in the 100 block of Willow St.  Police were called to make a forced entry with medics due to a Life Alert alarm indicating a fall.  Contact was made with the subject and no injury was sustained.  

10/12/18, 7:30 pm:  Lock out service in the 4500 block of S. M-52.

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