Stockbridge Police responded to the following complaints this week:

04/09/18 1:28 pm: An 18yr old Stockbridge High School student reported to SPD that someone let the air out in one of the tires on his vehicle that was parked in the student parking lot while he was attending classes.  SPD is investigating this incident.

04/09/18 3:15 pm: SPD unlocked a vehicle belonging to a 17yr old Stockbridge resident who had locked her keys inside her vehicle.  She was parked in the McDonalds parking lot.

04/09/18 3:45 pm:  SPD assisted SAESA paramedics in the 200 block of West Street on an unknown medical issue that a 54yr old female reported.  SPD stood by and assisted SAESA personnel as the female was evaluated and treated.

04/10/18 7:00 pm: A 36yr old Stockbridge resident reported to SPD that she believes that she is being harassed by a female 26yr old Stockbridge resident.  The 36yr advised that the 26yr old parked too close to her vehicle making it impossible for her to enter the driver’s side door of her vehicle.  She wished for SPD to be aware of the situation and was given information on how to obtain a Personal Protection Order.

04/10/18 9:44 pm:  SPD conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for a burnt out headlight on S. M-52 near Green Road.  The driver, a male 27yr old Stockbridge resident was discovered to be operating under the influence of alcohol – 2nd offense.  The male was arrested and lodged at the Ingham County Jail where he bonded out the next day and received a future arraignment date.

04/12/18 8:35 am:  SPD assisted Unadilla Township Police with identifying a suicidal person who was reported as being a Stockbridge High School student.  The male was determined to not be a Stockbridge High School student and was currently located at a residence in the 15000 block of Livermore Road in Gregory.  A welfare check was conducted on the male and he was later transported to a Community Mental Health Facility.

04/12/18 3:00 pm:  SPD responded to the 100 block of Price Street and unlocked a vehicle belonging to a 37yr old Okemos resident who had locked his keys inside of his vehicle.

04/12/18 11:05 pm:  SPD responded to a business in the 4500 block of S. M-52 in response to an alarm signaling front door motion.  SPD arrived and found the property to be secured, no one inside, and no signs of attempted forced entry. The alarm was deemed to be false.

04/13/18 4:20 pm:  SPD conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for swerving onto the shoulder of the road in the 400 block of S. Clinton Street.  The driver, a male 34yr old Stockbridge resident, was discovered to be operating while intoxicated – 2nd offense.  The male refused to cooperate with the drunk driving investigation and was ultimately arrested for OWI -2nd Offence, Resisting and Obstructing Police, OWI Child Endangerment due to the male having a young child inside his vehicle while operating under the influence of alcohol.  The male is awaiting arraignment on these charges.

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