Police Blotter submitted by Police Chief Johnnie W. Torres Jr

Stockbridge Police responded to the following complaints this week:

11/9/17, 4:45 pm: Car/Deer crash at M-36 and S. M-52. Minor damage and no injuries reported.

11/13/17, 9:20 am: Harassment complaint in the 200 block of S. Clinton St.  Stockbridge Police Department were dispatched to a complaint in which a woman was reporting that her ex-boyfriend was contacting her against her wishes. The subject, a 34-yr-old Stockbridge man, was gone upon arrival. The woman was given information as to how to obtain a personal protection order.

11/16/17, 8 pm: Car/Deer crash at Main St. and S. M-52. Minor damage and no injuries reported.

11/17/17, 6:40 pm: Check welfare complaint in the 300 block of S. Clinton. Police were notified by a family member that a person here may be in need of medical attention. Police arrived on scene with the complainant and found a 52-yr-old woman unconscious in the home. Entry was made and medical attention was sought. The woman was transported to an area hospital for evaluation.

11/19/17, 5 pm: Harassment complaint in the 200 block of S. Williams. Stockbridge Police were called by a woman who advised that her ex-husband was harassing her on the telephone and threatening to use social media to cause her embarrassment. Stockbridge police made contact with the ex-husband, a 22-yr-old Munith man, and warned him about further contact.

11/21/17, 9 pm: Traffic stop for expired plates at Green and S. M-52. Upon making contact with the driver, a 19-yr-old Gregory man, the officer detected an odor of marijuana emanating from inside the vehicle. The driver was detained and a search was conducted. A small amount of marijuana was discovered along with alcohol and drug paraphernalia. The driver was cited and released pending a warrant.

11/23/17, 7:55 pm: Assisted Ingham Co. with a rollover crash at Shepper and Green Rd. Police found two vehicles involved but no complaint of serious injury. The 69-yr-old Stockbridge woman admitted to running a stop sign and striking a 16-yr-old girl from Gregory. The scene was turned over to the Ingham Co. Sheriff’s Department. for further investigation.

11/24/17, 4 pm: Harassment complaint in the 200 block of S. Clinton. Police were advised that an 18-yr-old Stockbridge female was being harassed by her ex-boyfriend, a 17-yr-old Grass Lake man. The man was advised by police that he was no longer wanted on the property. He was issued a “no trespassing letter” per the owner’s request.

11/25/17, 4:45 pm: Animal complaint at the Stockbridge Township hall. A team of horses pulling an empty passenger carriage began to run out of the control of the driver. The horses and carriage proceeded eastbound on E. Main Street at a high rate of speed and continued with the carriage prior to the carriage striking a telephone pole on E. Main Street at which time the driver, a 60-yr-old Stockbridge man, was ejected from the carriage. The driver refused medical treatment after being assessed by Stockbridge Area Emergency Services medics. He insisted he was not injured. The front of the carriage was destroyed as a result of the collision. One of the horses became loose after the crash in the village for several hours, but was later captured and reunited with its owner, a 53-yr-old Gregory man, in the 600 block of Orrin Street.

11/25/17, 10:55 pm: Warrant arrest in the 900 block of S. Clinton. Stockbridge police served a 21-yr-old Brighton woman (formerly of Stockbridge) with a contempt of court warrant stemming from a malicious destruction of property incident in Stockbridge in 2015. Haylee Falin was arrested and lodged in the Ingham Co. Jail.

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