Reign of the Munith Lions Club depends on community involvement

by Tina Cole-Mullins

The end of the year could represent the end of an era. After 67 good years, the Munith Lions Club, which was chartered on December 12, 1953, will be disbanding due to a lack of new members.

“As they say, all good things must come to an end, and no statement could be more true than this one concerning the Munith Lions Club,” President Glenn Buckmaster explained. “Unfortunately membership has dropped to a level that will not sustain the club activities. Numerous members who have 25 to 40 years of service are ready to retire, and no replacements are in the wings.”

Over the years, the organization has undertaken many community-based projects, including but not limited to hosting Monday-night Bingo; supplying a weather alert system; collecting used eyeglasses, hearing aids, and cellphones; providing new glasses for students and adults; purchasing a reading machine for the visually impaired; and providing free smoke alarms.

Amid COVID-19 concerns, the Munith Lions announced early in the year they would not be sponsoring the 2020 Halloween Parade. This announcement was soon followed by news of the disbanding of the local Lions charter. In response, a small handful of community members reacted with interest in joining and becoming members.

When asked how many volunteers would be needed to keep the charter active, Buckmaster replied, “We need at least 10 members, not only for board positions but for additional members. Currently we have barely enough to survive, let alone to keep the charter active.”

With the recent new interest, Buckmaster has offered to host an informational meeting at a future date in the spring.

“If you have interest and would like to come to an informational meeting, please send me your email or mailing address as our district Governor would also like to send you information pertaining to the club. We currently do not have a meeting date set but are hoping to have in the very early spring, with enough community support.”

To contact Glenn Buckmaster, call (517) 474-0294 or email Without additional community support, December 2020 will mark the last of the Munith Lions Club meetings.

In 2015, Munith Lion Marlene Huttenlocher presented SHS senior Jeremy Spink with the Munith Lions Ev Huttenlocher Scholarship. Photo from The Munith Lions Facebook page.

The Munith Lions Club co-hosted the Christmas sing-along with a visit from Santa in 2015. Photo from The Munith Lions Facebook page.

Proud Munith Lion Glenn Buckmaster at a Lions-sponsored Halloween parade after-party. Send your email or mailing address to him at (517) 474-0294 or if interested in keeping the local Lions chapter alive. Photo Credit: Glenn Buckmaster.

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