SAGHS 10th annual Cemetery Tour

2018 Stockbridge Area Genealogical/Historical Society Oaklawn Cemetery tour

The tenth tour of Oaklawn Cemetery presented by the Stockbridge Area Genealogical/Historical Society was held October 7. Ten individuals who had a lot to do with making Stockbridge what it is today were brought back to life. Individuals featured were: Dr. Herman Brown, Corporal Edwin Parks, Merna Arnold, Casper W. Glenn, Wendell Barber, Beverly Caskey, Paul Ramsdell, Martha Presley, & M. Adelaide Reid. Individuals who brought them back to life for the tour were Ben Barber, Tristan DeCroix, Barbara Krusinski, Heidi Barber, Larry White, Jeremy Muraf, Richard Ramsdelll, Rev. Susan Trowbridge, and Sue Morris.

Although the weather proved less than perfect about 50 visitors joined the 20 volunteers . Board member Richard “Dutch” Ramsdell was main coordinator.  Organization president Laura Walsh provided the information and photographs.

Those interested in joining or receiving more information about the group and reach them at Stockbridge Area Genealogical/Historical Society, Post Office Box 966, Stockbridge Mi 49285. Membership is $15. If interested please include your name, address, telephone number, and email address.  The same is true if you would like to help with next years event.

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