Staff Spotlight: Julie Rentfrow assists children in becoming better communicators

by Amy Haggerty

Having difficulty communicating can be a huge challenge, and in some cases, an inability to communicate can even be life threatening. Julie Rentfrow, the speech-language pathologist for Stockbridge Community Schools helps to work with students to conquer communication problems early.

Rentfrow has been at her job since 2008. She works with students in grades one through three, at both Smith Elementary and Heritage School. Every day she is assessing, diagnosing, treating and developing plans of care to improve students’ language and speech skills, skills that have the potential to improve her students’ quality of life.

Rentfrow attended Grass Lake schools and then Michigan State University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Audiology and Speech Sciences. After that, she went on to attain a Master of Arts in the same. She also has several other certifications through the State of Michigan, and these have enabled her to enhance her knowledge in the speech and language fields.

In 2007 she married her husband Mathew, and they have two daughters: Ava, 12, and Cassie, 8. Rentfrow’s favorite way to spend time is with her family in the comfort of their home; however, in her free time Rentfrow does enjoy “supporting our girls during sports and other school-related activities.”

As for her job with Stockbridge Schools, Rentfrow thinks the best part is her students.

“I love the diversity in personalities and helping them become more confident individuals through development of their communication skills.”

There’s one superpower Rentfrow would pick if she could. She explains that she wishes she could “freeze time in order to be more present when time is elapsing.”  Many of us would love to have this same ability; it would truly be one of the greatest superpowers of all time.

Although she can’t freeze time, many of us in the community believe Rentfrow has superpowers in the way she has helped so many of our children district-wide. Children have gone on in life to become successful adults, thanks in part to Rentfrow’s help.

As a community, we should thank Julie Rentfrow for everything she does for our students!

Speech-language pathologist Julie Rentfrow helps Stockbridge Community Schools students conquer communication problems early, which helps boost their confidence. Photo provided by Julie Rentfrow

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