Stockbridge Coach Hora to be named to Coaches Hall of Fame

by Clyde Whitaker

March 20, 2023—a day that renowned former Stockbridge basketball coach Phil Hora will never forget. On that day, an official with the Michigan High School Coaches Association (MHSCA) Hall of Fame reached out to Hora to inform him that he is scheduled to be inducted into that esteemed Hall on September 17, 2023. Keep an eye on the Stockbridge Community News, which will be sure to cover this event. On behalf of the entire community, congratulations, Coach! We look forward to celebrating Stockbridge High School’s first MHSCA Hall of Famer—Coach Phil Hora!

Former Stockbridge Basketball Coach Phil Hora has received word that he will be inducted into the MHSCA Hall of Fame in September. Pictured here with the 1971 State Finals Runner Up trophy, game ball, and net. Photo credit: Clyde Whitaker

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