A lot of people are wondering if we are accepting donations of used clothing and household goods yet.  While we had hoped to open up donations to the public earlier, the response to the Lakewood fire was so great that we are still processing it, with a minimal volunteer staff.

Monday, October 5th, we will start accepting needed donations by appointment.  You can find out what we need by accessing our Facebook page ( or by calling (517)851-7285 (and YES the phone is working now!).

Donations that are ALWAYS needed are:  soap (laundry, dish, shampoo & conditioner, bath), paper (TP, towels, tissues), hygiene (deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, razors), non-perishable food.

Some often needed items are:  gently used school-age children’s clothing, clean pots and pans, men’s and women’s large size (XXL and up) CASUAL clothing, men’s tees and jeans.

Items we do NOT need are: dress clothing (slacks, dresses, dress shirts, jackets and dress coats), knick-knacks, unnecessary household items, toys, large items, including baby items, any and all furniture, electronics, most shoes, used underwear and socks, any clothing that is out of date, ripped, dirty, missing buttons, zippers, etc. The rule of thumb is:  if YOU wouldn’t wear/use it, don’t donate it.

Because we are so minimally staffed right now, please keep donations to 3 bags/boxes at a time and remember to make an appointment for drop-off at (517)851-7285.  If you have been cleaning house or need a place to drop off a large amount of donations, or types of donations we don’t accept, please contact us, as we have a list of donation centers we can refer you to.  Stockbridge is a community of outstanding generosity and we appreciate your cooperation as we figure out how to (eventually!) return to full operation.

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