Student of the Month:  Anna Schlaff  

By Cindy Lance

Anna Schlaff, a 16 year old junior is described by teacher Mr. Salow as “an exceptional hard worker, confident, involved and a model student.”  She thinks that her peers would probably describe her as fun, caring, smart and mature.  These are all characteristics that support the selection of her as this month’s Student of the Month.

Along with parents Ralph and Amy, Anna has a twin brother Andy and little sister Abby.  She is technically the middle child being born an hour and five minutes later than her brother.  They have attended Stockbridge Schools since preschool.  When asked what she likes most about Stockbridge, Anna said that “its small and secluded so you know almost everyone.  In the school everyone cares!  Walking down the hallways everyone smiles.  Just a super positive environment.”

In addition to being a model student, (Anna won the English and Spanish awards at last years honors night), she is involved in many extracurricular activities.  She has acted for years with the local theater group, shows animals in 4H, and runs on the Cross Country Team.  She PR’d (personal record) at the last meet.

Anna hopes to become an Elementary School Teacher.  She feels that being involved with the LINKS program “taught me patience, and my true love for helping others.”

Mr. Jeff Trapp Stockbridge High School Principal said that “Anna is a dedicated individual both in the classroom and in all of her extracurricular activities.  She cares for everyone.”

May we all aspire to be like Anna.


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