Student Spotlight

Henry Salyer: a focused, respectful, risk-taking 5th grader

by Corey Peña

Henry Salyer, 5th grader at Heritage School,
was selected as a Student of the Month in October.
Photo credit: Lifetouch

Meet Henry Salyer. He attends Heritage School in Mrs. Floyd’s fifth grade class. Henry’s family includes his mom and dad, Becky and John; his older brother Johnny; and two dogs, Bella and Hank. The Salyers live on a farm where Henry also has 11 favorite goats, two cows named Iris and Clarabelle, and many chickens and ducks to make life interesting.

At ten years old, Henry has already made a great impression on his teachers and peers.

According to Mrs. Floyd, “Henry is the most focused and respectful individual in our class. He puts all his efforts into being respectful to his teachers and peers. We are so proud of Henry because he is a risk taker in class. He raises his hand to answer questions that he may not know the answer to.” She added, “Henry is such a joy to be around and his peers look up to him. Awesome job, Henry!”

Asked what he thinks of school, Henry replied, “I love seeing my friends at school. My favorite subject is social studies. I am proud to be the Student of the Month.”

When Henry is not in school, he enjoys playing Xbox with friends, hunting and fishing with his dad, and playing football and baseball, where his favorite position is catcher. Future high school JV and Varsity team player? We can hope!

Henry’s parents can certainly attest to Henry’s work ethic.

“Henry is such a hard worker, especially at school,” his parents said. “If it is something that he doesn’t know how to do, he knows that he can ask questions.” His proud mother added, “He is always looking out for others and finding ways to be helpful. I feel like this will help him further in life and help him to be a good citizen. He has the kindest heart of anyone I know and loves to make me laugh.”

And it doesn’t get much better than that!

We can expect this young man to keep up that Panther Pride and do great things in his future.



Corey Peña is a recently retired Stockbridge school teacher. With a bit more time on her hands, she has volunteered to write occasional student profiles for Stockbridge Community News. 

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