Two lucky scavenger hunt winners ride away on new bicycles

by Mary Jo David

Area children participated in a nature scavenger hunt at the Lakelands Trail in Gregory, Mich., on Saturday, June 18, and the lucky winners rode away on brand new bicycles. The event was sponsored by the Stockbridge Area Chamber of Commerce. Unadilla Fire and police first responders were on hand, along with a Kona Ice truck and Ellie’s Elephant Ears truck. The lucky winner of the boy’s bike was Luke Mills; Annabelle Pietsch was the proud winner of the girl’s bike. The fundraiser helps support Gregory’s 2021 Fourth of July fireworks.

Two lucky winners—Luke Mills (left) and Annabelle Pietsch (right)—left with brand new bicycles after participating in the nature scavenger hunt in Gregory. Photos provided by the Stockbridge Area Chamber of Commerce.

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