Village of Stockbridge Council Meeting, May 6, 2019

  1. Meeting called to order by President Howlett at 7:00 pm.Johnnie Torres, Police Chief, Citizens were also present; Pledge of Allegiance President Howlett led the pledge of allegiance. Approval of Agenda MOTION by Quintanilla, SUPPORTED by Cattell to approve the May 6, 2019 agenda as presented. Motion carried with unanimous ayes. Approval of Minutes MOTION by Cattell, SUPPORTED by Uihlein to approve the minutes of March 4, 2019 as presented. Motion carried with unanimous ayes. AYES: Mullins, Cattell, Uihlein, Quintanilla, Corey, Howlett NAYS: None     ABSENT: None MOTION PASSED Police Report – Police Chief Torres gave his report. Council Member Apppointment: Motion by Mullins, SUPPORTED by Cattell, APPROVED to nominate Kim Morehouse to serve out the term of Council Trustee expiring 11/20/2021.MOTION PASSED. Bridge Maintenance Motion by Corey, SUPPORTED by Uihlein, APPROVED to accept the quote from Fez’s PowerWashing for the Bridge on S. Clinton Street. .MOTION PASSED. Public Comment- There were comments made by the public. ADJOURNMENT MOTION by Quintanilla, SUPPORTED by Mullins, APPROVED to adjourn the Council Meeting at 8:38pm. Public CommentFINANCIAL REPORT: Accounts Payable MOTION by Quintanilla SUPPORTED by Mullins APPROVED; the accounts payable as presented by Clerk Nogle.Roll Call: PRESENT: President Molly Howlett, Pro-Tem Frederick Cattell, Trustee Greg Uihlein, Trustee Richard Mullins, Trustee Heath Corey, Trustee Chadwick Quintanilla, Trustee Kim Morehouse ABSENT: NONE: Others Present: Debbie Nogle, Village Clerk

Respectfully submitted:

Debbie Nogle, Village Clerk

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