Village of Stockbridge Meeting Minutes October 2, 2017

Meeting called to order by President Hollenbeck at 7:00 pm.

Roll Call: PRESENT: President Robert Hollenbeck, Trustee Frederick Cattell, Trustee Patrick Harden, Trustee \ Richard Mullins, Trustee Molly Howlett Trustee Christina DuWig, Trustee Carmelita Valdez-Weaks. ABSENT: None Others Present: Debbie Nogle, Village Clerk, John Gormley, Village Attorney, John Torres, Police Chief, Citizens were also present

Pledge of Allegiance President Hollenbeck led the pledge of allegiance.

Approval of Agenda MOTION by Howlett, SUPPORTED by Harden to approve the October 2, 2017 agenda. Motion carried with unanimous ayes.

Approval of Minutes MOTION by Howlett, SUPPORTED by Mullins to approve the minutes of August 7, 2017 as amended; remove approved and replace with unapproved, Under Treasurer Position, remove Valdez-Weaks from motion.Motion carried with unanimous ayes.

PRESENTATION: Ken Berthiaume discussed the Village’s financial condition per the 2016-17 Audit.


Accounts Payable MOTION by Howlett SUPPORTED by Cattell, to approve the accounts payable as presented by Clerk Nogle in the amount of $596,336.09. AYES: DuWig, Valdez-Weaks, Cattell, Mullins, Howlett, Harden, Hollenbeck


NEW BUSINESS Erin Clifton, Chamber of Commerce Request MOTION by Howlett SUPPORTED by Cattell, to approve $1800.00 for Sponsorship of Festival of Lights. AYES: Valdez-Weaks, Harden, Howlett, Cattell, DuWig, Mullins, Hollenbeck, NAYS: NoneABSENT: None MOTION PASSED

MDOT RESOLUTION 10-2-2017 MOTION by Howlett, SUPPORTED by Harden, APPROVED; The Village President, Robert Hollenbeck, and the Village Clerk. Debbie Nogle, are authorized to execute Contract No. 17-5365 between the Michigan Department of Transportation and the Village of Stockbridge. Ayes: Harden, Mullins, Howlett, F. Cattell, Valdez-Weaks, DuWig, Hollenbeck Nays: None Absent: MOTION PASSED

COMMUNITY OUTREACH REQUEST MOTION by Howlett, SUPPORTED by Harden to approve Community Outreach to use the Village’s handicap ramp. Motion carried with unanimous ayes.

OLD BUSINESS President Hollenbeck was approached by a resident requesting the connection costs be lowered.

Public Comment Dan Cabage discussed the SAW Grant, Lakeland Trails, E. Elizabeth Street Culvert statuses.

Council Member Comments Howlett would like to thank Quinn Excavating for doing a great job and very quickly.

Cattell would like to keep the position the way it is and post the position at $12.00 an hour, 90day evaluation.

Attorney Comments None

ADJOURNMENT MOTION by Mullins, SUPPORTED by Harden, APPROVED to adjourn the Council Meeting at 8:24pm.

Respectfully submitted:

Debbie Nogle,

Village Clerk

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