Waterloo Township Board Meeting Unapproved Minutes August 25, 2020 7:00 P.M.

Call to Order: 7:00 p.m.


Present:  Lance, Kitley, McAlister, Walz, Morency.

Public Comment: None

Consent Agenda: Kitley motioned with support from McAlister to accept the consent agenda with changes to Treasurer’s report as presented.  Aye/all; no/none.  Motion carried.

Correspondence:  None

Old Business:  Wendy gave a report on the Parks and Recreation meeting on August 11.  The County is looking for another place to establish a park/playground, preferably in Waterloo Township somewhere where there is a larger population of children and families who would benefit.  They also discussed a designated Monarch habitat on the footpath.  They are still discussing the rain garden.  Wendy is working on corrections to the changes updating the Waterloo Township Parks and Recreation Plan.

Lance motioned with support from McAlister to have Tom Heeney do the demolition of the Musbach property at 12305 Musbach Road, with the condition that the bill not exceed the quoted amount of $9,900.  Roll call vote:  Yes/McAlister, Walz, Kitley, Lance, Morency.  No/none.  Motion carried.

New Business:  Lisa Morency gave a report on the Planning Commission meeting.  They elected new officers to the Planning Commission.  It was stated that all Zoning Ordinance Changes have to be published in a newspaper within 15 days, so it was suggested that the Township subscribe to the Jackson Citizen Patriot to have copies of the publications.  Article 6 of the Zoning Ordinance was reviewed with a few minor changes.  The Township needs to establish procedures to conduct Public Hearings during pandemic restrictions.  There was discussion on temporary dwelling for a home renovation – no language currently exists but could be added under Article 20.19.

Morency motioned with support from Walz to have Belson Asphalt Paving, Inc.  reseal our driveway and paint new lines at a cost of $1,925.  Roll call vote:  Yes/Walz, Kitley, Lance, Morency, McAlister.  No/none.  Motion carried.

Discussion of the cost/installation for 3 whole-house surge protectors was tabled so that more information could be obtained.

Kitley motioned with support from Walz to approve the Land Division Application for Gene L. Ahrens, Parent Parcel #000-05-26-476-001-00 being split into 3 parcels: new Parent Parcel A # 000-05-35-200-003-00, new split parcel B: 000-05-35-200-005-00 and parcel C:  000-05-35-200-004-00.  Aye/all; no/none.  Motion carried.

Walz motioned with support from Kitley to approve the Boundary Adjustments Application for Paul Stever, 3 Parent Parcels # 000-05-33-100-002-11, 000-05-33-301-002-01, and 000-05-33-100-002-14 with boundary adjustments resulting in new parent parcels # 000-05-33-100-002-15, 000-05-33-100-002-16 and new parcel 000-05-33-301-002-07.  Aye/all; no/none.  Motion carried.

Lance motioned with support from Kitley to approve Land Division Application for Keith Haglund, Parent Parcel # 000-05-33-476-001-00 becoming New Parent Parcel # 000-05-33-476-001-01 and new split parcel 000-05-33-476-001-02.  Aye/all; no/none.  Motion carried.

Walz motioned with support from McAlister to increase pay for Deputy Treasurer Betsy Diffenbaugh by $1/hour giving her $13/hr.  Roll call vote:  Yes/Kitley, Lance, Morency, McAlister, Walz.  No/none.  Motion carried.

There was discussion considering a 1 mill increase dividing it half for secondary road repairs and half for contracting with police.  Discussion took place regarding licenses for Zoom so that virtual meetings/hearings can be held here at the Township during this Covid 19 time.

Public Comment:   Mallory Glenn invited the Board members to come to tour their seed facility and consider a marijuana growth in the buildings.  Ralph Schumacher spoke regarding the addition of 1 mill to taxes on farmers with land being costly to them.

Adjournment:  Walz motioned with support from McAlister to adjourn at 8:15 p.m. Aye/all; no/none. Motion carried.

The next Planning Commission meeting will be on Tuesday, September 15, 2020.  The next regular Board meeting will be on Tuesday, September 22 at 7:00 p.m.   Minutes will be published in the Stockbridge Community News at the end of each month, on our website at www.waterlootwpmi.com and on our Facebook page at: waterlootownshipmichigan.

Submitted by: Janice Kitley, Clerk


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