Waterloo Township Board Unapproved Meeting Minutes April 23, 2019

Munith, MI 49259

Call to Order: 7:00 p.m.


Present: Lance, Walz, Kitley, McAlister, Morency. Also present: 4 residents and Don Beagle representing Aggregate Resources.

Public Comment: None.

Consent Agenda: Kitley motioned with support from Walz to approve the consent agenda as presented. Aye/all; no/none. Motion carried.

SPECIAL ORDER: Don Beagle gave an update on the mining and reclamation of Aggregate Resources.   Lance motioned with support from McAlister to approve the annual permit renewal for Aggregate Resources with the following conditions:

The new permit expires on June 1st, 2020.

  1. Aggregate Resources retains the existing surety bond language, and dollar amount of $85,800 (this includes the 10% Twp administrative fee).
  2. Aggregate Resources will repair fencing in sections 6 & 7, as discussed, within 30 days of the granting of the permit.
  3. Aggregate Resources will provide an updated insurance policy, within 30 days of the granting of the permit, naming Waterloo Township as a 3rd party insured.
  4. No further mining shall occur below 992’ in the pit floor.
  5. Aggregate Resources will install a benchmark at 992’ in the pit floor for reference as we approach final reclamation. This also shall be done within 30 days of the granting of this permit.
  6. Aggregate Resources shall provide a new topography map of the pit floor within 30 days of the granting of this permit.
  7. Aggregate Resources will maintain eroded slopes as necessary as we approach final reclamation.
  8. Aye/all; no/none. Motion carried.

Most of the conditions have already been met per Don Beagle for Aggregate Resources.

Correspondence: Lance read correspondence from Jackson County Parks which is a questionnaire for our Parks and Recreation Committee. He gave it to Walz as Chair of Parks and Recreation Committee. Department of Transportation Pipeline Hazardous Material Safety Administration correspondence wanting to identify sites that are near any facilities that might be endangered in pipeline vicinity. They want to make sure that in the event of an emergency there could be help in a timely manner and that everyone knows a way to handle such an event. He also read a listing of road repairs federally funded scheduled from 2020 to 2023. Mt. Hope Road is scheduled for work this year.

  • Old Business: Walz gave a report on the Parks and Recreation Committee meeting.   The park in Munith is being cleaned up and new equipment is being installed. The cleanup and new equipment is due to a $10,000 grant from Five Healthy Towns. The addition of a book library has been added there and will be done here at the Township as well. A book regarding the history of Waterloo has been gifted to the Township. People are welcome to come in and look at it. An original manuscript is available also which is missing only one short section.

New Business:

  • Morency stated that the Planning Commission talked of 2 public hearing regarding draft amendments for the Master Plan and the Zoning Ordinance. Both motions were passed that the Township Board will look at next month. They are looking at the table of definitions and zoning ordinance items that need to be reviewed. The next meeting will be from the top of those to be reviewed. The list of definitions and principle uses of land was explained by Beals. There are blanks if anyone wishes to add wording or other change suggestions. The board will vote on these next month.
  • The applications for handyman positon were discussed. Lance motioned with support from McAlister to retain both Betty Randazzo and Dennis Walz to fill the position of at will handypersons as needed for projects around the Townhall.   Aye/all; no/none. Walz/abstained. Motion carried. Both have equally good skill sets and may enjoy different tasks.
  • The applications for cleaning of the Township facilities were discussed. Lance motioned with support from Walz to accept the quote from Dust and Dirt Home Maintenance with $300 deep cleaning to start and $175 for each monthly cleaning thereafter of Township Hall with an additional $45 for cleaning of back hall contingent on receipt of liability insurance copy. Roll call vote: Yes/McAlister, Walz, Kitley, Lance, Morency. No/none. Motion carried.
  • Kitley presented budget amendments. Lance motioned with support from McAlister to accept the budget amendments in the amount of $6,400. Yes/all. no/none. Motion carried.
  • Walz motioned with support from Lance to remove Cynthia Walz as a signer on all bank accounts and replace her with Betsy Diffenbaugh as a signer. Aye/all; no/none. Motion carried. Betsy Diffenbaugh is the new deputy treasurer.
  • Only one bid was received for lawn mowing services. Lance motioned with support from McAlister to continue using Greenshades mowing services per bid submitted, mowing of Townhall and Cemeteries. Roll call vote: :Yes/Walz, Kitley, Lance, Morency, McAlister. No/none. Motion carried.

Other Business That Comes Before The Board:

  • Kitley motioned with support from Walz to pay the yearly cemetery stipends in the amounts of: $1,000, Munith Cemetery Association; $1,000 to Mt. Hope Cemetery, and $750 to North Waterloo Cemetery.   Roll call vote: Yes/Kitley, Lance, Morency, McAlister, Walz. No/none.   Motion carried.
  • A Budget Workshop is being scheduled for May 16th at 7:00 p.m.

Public Comment: None

Adjournment: Walz motioned with support from McAlister to adjourn at 8:30 p.m. Aye/all; no/none. Motion carried.

The next Planning Commission meeting will be on Tuesday, May 21st, 2019 7:00. The next regular Board meeting will be on Tuesday, May 28, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. in Minutes will be published in the Stockbridge Community News at the end of each month, on our website at www.waterlootwpmi.com and on our Facebook page at: waterlootownshipmichigan.

Submitted by: Janice Kitley, Clerk

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