What kind of bug is this?

by Rose Collison

There are strange bugs among us, cool-looking, strange-sounding bugs. One of them, the Katydid, derives its name from the sound it makes. Its repetitive clicks and calls resemble someone saying, “Ka-ty-did.” Both genders are capable of producing the sound. Katydids are related to crickets and grasshoppers, with large back legs for jumping. They have wings, however, to help them fly away from danger.

The Katydid, named for the sound it makes, is sometimes called a leaf bug.

Then there is the walking stick. This bony insect varies from 2 inches to 8 inches in length. Most are without wings and are brown, tan, gray or green. Imagine a stick with long legs and antennae, and you’ll picture a walking stick.

Walking sticks are known by several names, including devil’s riding horse, prairie alligator, witch’s horse and musk mare.


After retiring from Stockbridge Community Schools, Rose Collison joined the board of Stockbridge Community News and serves as volunteer photographer, as well as managing the Where’s Waldo contest. She and her husband Ken have lived in the area for a number of years.

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