A son honors his father, Curtis White for Father’s Day


Dorene and Curtis White. “What makes my dad, Curtis White, special to me and my three siblings is that we know he really loved us and cared about us,” writes his son Larry. Photo credit: White file photos

by Larry White

What makes my dad, Curtis White, special to me and my three siblings is that we know he really loved us and cared about us. We were not wealthy by American standards, but certainly had everything we needed. He was a good provider. We wanted for nothing. The four of us actually had it pretty easy. We were able to go to four-year colleges. We have fond memories of family vacation trips, days at the lake, family picnics with the neighbors and much more.

I remember Dad taking me to Stockbridge High School away games (basketball, football, baseball) as a young boy, including fond memories of some of those old cracker box gyms, such as the one in Okemos. I also remember traveling over ice-covered roads to Jenison Field House in East Lansing to see a barn burner of a basketball game between Michigan State and Ohio State. As a coach of younger basketball players, Dad taught me that players develop better defensively by playing man to man rather than zone.

Dad and Mom helped me immensely as a single parent. For four years they housed and lovingly cared for my young Brian and Betsey while I worked weekdays. A few years later, they bailed me out financially during a bad stretch before I got back on my feet. Later, when I remarried, Dad and Mom were most welcoming and accepting and kind to my three new children: Alyssa, Lara, and Noah.

Unfortunately, Dad died less than two years after I remarried. I am forever grateful, Dad, for all you did for me and Amy and our children and your love for all of us.


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  • Nice tribute. Those neighborhood picnics and lake trips are fond memories I also hold dear.

  • Ryan Garrett says:

    Loving tribute. There are many of us that you led as coach and teacher, that obviously benefited from him through you!

  • Bob Vizthum says:

    Wonderful tribute, Larry. I am thankful for you and five years under your tutelage as a coach (two basketball and three baseball). Blessings.

    Bob Vizthum. Class of ‘75.

  • Susan Deaner says:

    The White family were one of many families in our neighborhood with children of different ages, like the Barbours, the Nagleys, the Ashmores and Mackinders, Nichols, Collings and more. I was welcomed in the lovely White home so many times. I remember fondly sitting in their kitchen breakfast nook having Fizzies. Doreen and Curt were always kind and would talk to us kids. the street light in front of their house was our meeting place, our hangout. It was a wonderful place to grow up.

  • Curtis and Dorene are 2 of the most kind people I ever met. I still remember them both fondly, and playing hide and seek with Betsy and Brian and hiding behind their living room curtains!

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