Breaking News: Stockbridge Shell gas station incident update

by: Hope Salyer

A post on the private Facebook group, Stockbridge Mi area news and info, caused an uproar on the social networking site this morning with claims a man walked into the store with a gun and threatened to shoot.

Stockbridge Community News reached out to Chief Johnnie Torres, Jr.  about the alleged incident.

According to Torres, the Ingham Co. Sherrif and several other area agencies responded to a call this morning at Shell in which a man entered and initially asked for help as he believed someone was chasing him. Torres said he requested an ambulance as well.

Prior to help arriving, he exchanged words with another person who had come in to pay for gas.

“During that exchange, the man shouted to the other man that he had a gun,” Torres said. “But, no gun was seen or brandished.”

This information was told to 911 dispatch, and Torres said police arrived and took the man into protective custody as, “it is believed he needed some medical attention.”

Torres stated, “At no time was there a threat made to Shell staff, and again, no gun was seen.”

Torres did not name anyone involved in the incident and confirmed no one was arrested.

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  • Well!!! Thank you to the Stockbridge Community News! Thank you for clearing up the ugly rumors!! I don’t know this guy or his situation, but this is an extremely different news report from the police and those actually involved, than those that were making accusations!!! I am glad this gentleman not only requested 911 himself, but actually got the help he certainly needs!!!

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