Christmas program brings Elvis to Christmas story

Baby Jesus Harleigh Hart with her parents Brooke and Jacob Hart as Mary and Joseph

By Lorrie Brooks

The Stockbridge United Methodist Church was packed with more than 100 people to see its Christmas program, “I Saw Elvis at Stockbridge United Methodist Church,” starring Tristan Decroix as Elvis, Roger Trowbridge and Larry Guenther as the Blues Brothers, Elwood and Jake Blues, Harleigh Hart as Baby Jesus, Sally Long as Mrs. Claus, Tyler Gipson and Carl Erikson as King Herod. They were joined by a large cast, including many of the church’s children.

“I saw an ad for an auto parts store that said Elvis was there,” Pastor Sue Trowbridge explained, “and I decided to write the play as if Elvis were at our church.” Trowbridge hoped that the audience would know that God doesn’t ask them to be successful, but to be faithful and to do their best.

The play took attendees on the adventure of Elvis, who once in heaven was greeted by the Blues Brothers. In order to gain his blue suede shoes, Elvis was told he must do a good deed, which consisted of stopping Herod from harming the baby boys in Jerusalem. They then went to the North Pole where Santa gave them the good deed, and Elvis was able to sing for the baby Jesus. He then confronted King Herod, and in the end was granted his shoes.

“My favorite part was Elvis getting his blue suede shoes for doing a good deed.” Eva Lou Mills smiled.

The children’s hand chime choir led by Liz Noble performed a few numbers, most of which included an Elvis song. The stars of the show were King Herod, Elvis and the adorable Baby Jesus.

Out of consideration for the traditional story of Christ, Trowbridge said, “We did a nativity scene and put traditional Christmas hymns throughout the play. Elvis knelt and sang to baby Jesus to honor him, and the last act consisted of a traditional Christmas play.” She indicated that the play was intended to entertain as well as convey a biblical message of hope in this Christmas season.

Blues Brothers and Elvis: Larry Guenther and Roger Trowbridge as the Blues Brothers. Center: Tristan Decroix as Elvis

Children with Pastor Sue Trowbridge,

Cast of Play with Pastor Trowbridge

Santa Tyler Gipson and Elvis Tristan Decroix with Blues Brother Roger Trowbridge

Tristan Decroix as King Herod and Carl Erikson as Elvis.

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