Crossroads Community Church’s new Bridge Builders initiative

by Diane Rockall
“Mobilizing the community to serve our neighbors who could use a helping hand.”
Mission Statement of Crossroads Community Church’s new Bridge Builders initiative.
October started with a literal “bang” for members of the newly-formed Bridge Builders as they put their hammers to work helping a single mom with some repairs on her house. This was one of the five different homes in our area that Crossroads Community Church volunteers, including Pastor Rob Ames, went to during the first weekend in October.  Their aim was helping those in our community who have trouble keeping up with routine maintenance—either due to age, illness, disability, or financial constraints.  After many leaves had been raked, windows caulked, and hedges trimmed, the volunteers headed to the cemetery to do some sprucing up there as well. Pastor Rob credits the efforts of Jodelle Sparks for getting the ball rolling and organizing  an army of volunteers to head out and help their neighbors.
Not satisfied with a one-time effort and knowing there are still needs to be met, Bridge Builders members plan to head out again over the next month, rakes and hammers (and sometimes chain saws and weed whackers) in hand, spurred on by their Christian beliefs and the satisfaction of helping their neighbors in need.  If you are interested in joining in, they would be glad to have the help and the more volunteers they have, the more households they can help. To volunteer or to find out more, email them at , call the office at 517-851-7075 or check out their website:
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