Deceased veteran information from local families

Thank you to the families of deceased veterans who submitted background information about their loved ones for SCN’s Memorial Day edition. Below are the details: 

Anderson, Robert Donald. Oct. 16, 1926 to Mar. 16, 2011. Served in Navy, Army, and Air Force, totalling 24 yrs. of service. Participated in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam conflicts.

Donohue, John Martin. Aug. 4, 1950 to Sept. 16, 1968. Served in Vietnam. Advance combat training, jungle warfare, helicopter 2nd amphibious training. Honors: Honor platoon #341 of the third Battalion Marine Corps, Purple Heart, Republic of Vietnam Service Medal and Battle Star, National Defense Service Medal, Military Merit Medal, Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross, Vietnam Campaign Medal, Marksman Medal.

Fletcher, Carl Berlin. Jul. 4, 1931 to Dec. 26, 2016. Served in the Korean War 23rd Infantry. Awarded the Korean War service medal with three bronze stars and the combat infantry badge. He was a light truck driver and fought in the Battle of Chipyong-ni.

Hamlin, Jack Wayne. Oct. 13, 1950 to Dec. 18, 2015. Served in the Army in Vietnam.Received the Army commendation medal for meritorious achievement and the air medal for more than 25 aerial missions over hostile territory.

Laws, Richard Allyn. May 1, 1923 to Sept. 21, 2016. Served in the Pacific theater as a paratrooper. Rank: Staff Sergeant. Awarded Bronze Star and Purple heart.

Loso, James. Feb. 29, 1944 to June 10, 1967. Army. PFC. Died while serving in Vietnam conflict. Casualty Long An Province, South Vietnam.

Marshall, Arnold. Korea – Army 1950-1955

Marshall, David. June 11, 1937 to Aug. 10, 1963. Korea – SP5 Army

Marshall, Edward. Feb. 23, 1934 to Mar. 7, 2009. Korea – CPL U.S. Army

Ruggles, Charles A. Nov. 4, 1989 to Dec. 12, 1970. WWI – PFC Medical Department

Salyer, Charles Edgar. July 15, 1925 to Feb. 2, 1987. Gunner’s Mate Third Class. Served in US Navy 9/22/1943 to  3/14/1946 during WW2. Was present at Normandy Beach invasion. Received Asiatic Pacific Medal, American Area Medal, Victory Medal.

Sebold, Ralph Harry. Nov. 1923 to Jan. 1, 1971. Master Sergeant in WWII. Served in the European theater. Drove a jeep for Colonel Sperry. After a friend gave Sebold a photograph of dead concentration camp bodies piled high at Mauthausen, Germany, Sebold wrote, “One can hardly believe that people could become so inhumane.”

Smith, Michael Loren. Nov 11, 1965 to Jan. 28, 2010. Served in WWII in the Army from 1984-1988. He went to 101st airborne. Smith was also a mechanic sent to Korea to guard the DMZ zone and a guard at the Seoul Olympics in 1988.

Teachout, Ralph J.Nov. 7, 1923 to Dec. 26, 1998. WWII – Army – South Pacific.

Weddon, Edward R., M.D., Feb. 12, 1924 to June 9, 2009. During WWII, Medical Corpsman Weddon served in the third army with General Patton and was awarded the Bronze Star for heroism after giving aid to a wounded U.S. soldier while under fire by German machine guns. Weddon was also awarded five battle stars for his service during major battles in Normandy, North France, Ardennes, Rhineland and Central Europe.

Wisman, Douglas Dempsey. Apr. 19, 1918 to June 9, 2002. Served in WWII as Sergeant in the 8th Army Air Force, radio operator with the 44th Bombardment Group, B-24 heavy bombers stationed at Shipdham Air base, England throughout the war.



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