Rural Perspectives: Spring has sprung

by Rose Collison

Trees are finally blooming and greening up. Flowers are starting to peek out, along with poison ivy.  The Baltimore orioles have returned and so have the hummingbirds. Baby squirrels have come out of their nests. Baby goslings are following their parents all around.

A robin gathers grass for his nest.

Poor little mouse was pushed out of a bird house.

Baby goslings follow their parents all around.

All in for a quick swim.

Baby squirrels peek out of their nest.

An adventurous little fellow sets out for a climb.

Hummingbirds have arrived hungry.

A groesbeck waits his turn at the feeder.

A Baltimore oriole checks to be sure all is clear.

A flowering tree along this fence is in full bloom.

Nice to see the Trilliums blooming!

A bleeding heart bush displays its blooms.

Lilac bushes announce spring’s arrival with their nose-tingling scent.

Since retiring from Stockbridge Community Schools, Rose Collison has joined the board of Stockbridge Community News and serves as contributing photographer, as well as managing the Where’s Waldo contest. She and her husband Ken have lived in the area for 21 years.


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