Did you know?

Lakeland Trail State Parks intersection at South Clinton (M-52)

by Molly Howlett

Were you wondering why there was so much construction at the approaches to the Lakeland Trail State Parks intersections at South Clinton (M-52), South Williams Street, Morton Road (M-106) and Brogan Road? In August 2015, the Village Council voted to pursue a 90% grant-funded safety project through MDOT Local Agency Programs and the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission. Out of 90 applicants, 64 were chosen, and Stockbridge was one of only two communities that was not County Road Commissions or cities with populations over 100,000. The federal and state-funded grant awarded Stockbridge $74,680 and the Village paid the remaining 10% ($7,468).

The project included new ADA ramps, proper warning sign replacement, pavement markings and moving the Trail approaches to be perpendicular to the roads to ensure motorist and trail user visibility. In addition, MDOT requires an overhead street light at the Clinton Road (M-52) crossing which Consumers Energy will be installing soon.

Next month, let’s talk about blight. The Village Council has received a packet of the Stockbridge Village Code for review. The Council and many residents have been frustrated and angry over the increasing amount of blight in our Village.  Our businesses and homes have been  negatively impacted by the unsightly and unacceptable junk in yards and driveways. We’re going to tackle this issue!

Molly Howlett, a founding director of Stockbridge Community News, serves on the Village Council, Township Planning Commission, 5 Healthy Towns, and Parks & Recreation boards. An active Lioness, she taught English and Spanish at Stockbridge High School for many years before retiring in 2004.

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