Larry and Mary Krummrey Recognized for Their Years of Service to SAEF

Mary and Larry Krummrey are recognized for their work by Stockbridge Area Educational Foundation President Jennifer Hammerberg (right). Photograph by Paige Brown

by Bruce Wm. Brown

At the November meeting of the Stockbridge School Board, the President of the Stockbridge Area Educational Foundation, Jennifer Hammerberg, publicly recognized Mary and Larry Krummrey for their years of committed service to the Foundation. The Krummreys’ affiliation with the Foundation dates to 2001 when Larry accepted an invitation to serve on the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Bruce Brown, a foundation member, spoke at the meeting. He described the Krummreys as “Consistently going above and beyond in support of the work of the Foundation, especially the organization that goes into making each Festival of Tables a success.”

SAEF President Jennifer Hammerberg said, “Words cannot describe the amount of work and effort the Krummreys have put into the foundation and the Festival of Tables. Their effort and passion cannot be overstated.”

Eleven directors, including members of the community, the Superintendent of Stockbridge Community Schools, a Board of Education member, and an SCS Employee Representative serve on the SAEF board. The Foundation is known for its primary fundraising event, the Festival of Tables. Since its inception the Festival of Tables has generated nearly $300,000 for the Foundation, and all proceeds are returned to the community and school district in the form of educational grants and college scholarships.

The Stockbridge Area Educational Foundation is a public, non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization . A separate organization from the school district, the foundation’s purpose and mission is “to enhance educational opportunities for residents within the Stockbridge Community School District.”

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