Stockbridge Township Board Meeting Minutes

NOVEMBER 20, 2017

Stockbridge Township Supervisor CG Lantis called the Regular Stockbridge Township Board Meeting to order on November 20, 2017 at 7:31pm at the Stockbridge Township Hall. Members present at the meeting Supervisor CG Lantis, Clerk Becky Muraf, Treasurer Kris Lauckner, Trustee Terry Sommers, Trustee Ed Wetherell. Member absent from meeting: None

Pledge of Allegiance was lead by Smith Elementary school students Henry Schawinsky and Becca Muraf

Moment of Silence: 7:33pm

Sommer motion to accept the agenda with the amendment of the Elevator Key added to it. Wetherell second All in favor Motion Carried

Citizen’s Comments: Discussion

Lauckner motion to accept the Stockbridge Township Board meeting minutes from October 16, 2017 as printed Sommer second All in favor Motion Carried

Sommer motion to accept the Stockbridge Township Financial Report as printed Wetherell second All in Favor Motion Carried

Old Business:

Wetherell is working on the Weather Siren he is still waiting on call backs from Consumer Energy as to which of the two locations would work best. Either Green Road and Sheppard Road or Milner Road and Allen Drive.

Brian Cole from L & B Outlets has volunteered for Stockbridge Township to put Recycling bin on his property. Brian Cole will police the area and maintain the up keep of the Recycling.

Stockbridge Community Schools are very interested in doing the Child ID event at the Spring Family Fun Night and again at an event in the fall similar to Spring event. No dates are schedule as of yet school with keep the Stockbridge Township Board posted and when they have dates.

Lauckner motioned to accept Darwin, Rosalie and Robert Marshall application for Farmland Agreement PA 116 Sommer second. Roll call vote Sommer Yes, Wetherell Yes, Muraf Yes, Lauckner Yes, Lantis Yes.

Lauckner motion to accept the budget amendment as printed taking $15,000.00 from clerk other and moving $14,000.00 to community promotion and $1000.00 to cemetery. Roll call vote Wetherell Yes, Sommer Yes, Lauckner yes, Muraf Yes, Lantis Yes.

Stockbridge Township Board as decided to do a theme Christmas tree for the Stockbridge Township Christmas Tree. We will pick a theme every year and decorate the tree accordingly. This years theme is going to be remembering Deputy Grant Whitaker the tree will be lit in blue lights and have blue bows on it with blue ribbon and silver bows at the top of the tree. The tree will be lit during the Stockbridge Festival of lights.

Sommer motion to pay the Stockbridge Township Board bills in the amount of $ 34,242.85 Wetherell second All in favor Motion Carried

Supervisor Lantis had adjourned the Stockbridge Township Board at 8:17pm Sommer second All in favor motion Carried





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