From the Superintendent’s desk

by Karl Heidrich

During the 2014-2015 school year our district developed board goals and a strategic plan which guided the positive direction of our school district. We have had tremendous focus with our goals over the past three years and have had forward momentum in many areas.

Our current vision and goals are as follows:


Stockbridge Community Schools will create a culture of high expectations for all students through rigor, relevance, and relationships.


Stockbridge Community Schools will convey a positive image within the school district and in the community.

Stockbridge Community Schools will integrate relevant curriculum and technology to develop 21st century skills for all students.

Stockbridge Community Schools will develop a needs assessment and implement a plan of improvement.

At the conclusion of this school year our strategic plan and board goals will expire. This spring our administrative team and board of education will be developing new goals for our school district. The new goals and strategic plan will serve the district through the 2020-2021 school year. We certainly want to have input from all of our educational stakeholders in its development. Therefore, we will be establishing a committee to begin work on this process during the month of February. The planning and development of attainable goals is a very important step which sets the stage for district-wide school improvement for the next three years.

We are looking forward to this new direction and focus for Stockbridge Community Schools to ensure that we continue to offer rigorous and relevant education for all of our students.

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