“Guiding Good Choices” Virtual Parent Workshops

SRSLY is partnering with St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea and the Community Mental Health Partnership of Southeast Michigan to lead free “Guiding Good Choices” parent workshops in Stockbridge, Chelsea, Dexter, and Manchester. Due to social distancing, our parent workshops will now be held virtually!

These workshops help parents with communication, bonding, and setting rules and boundaries. Parents, guardians and/or grandparents are welcome to attend. The program works best with caregivers who have a child between the ages of 9-14, but is open to anyone. The workshop includes 5 sessions, held for 2 hours once a week.

This program is evidence based, and is proven to reduce substance abuse and other problematic behaviors among kids whose parent participates. Those who participate in the “Guiding Good Choices” workshop can reduce their kids’ chances of drug use by 40%.

To find out more about the program or upcoming workshops, visit srslycoalition.org/guidinggoodchoices or email ggc@srslycoalition.org.

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